Best Vibrators for Women

When you think of the best vibrators for women, is there a brand that immediately comes to mind or are you lost as far as female sex toys are concerned? Either way, a vibrator has become an essential part of the female world and many toys available today come with elegant designs and a lot of power to spare as well. Sex toys are slowly moving into the mainstream and this is only helping the technology used in them improve. These toys are usually marketed under the personal care category which ensures women don't get the feeling that they are using slutty sex toys. Here I have put together a list of some of the best vibrators available in the market today. If you choose any of the vibrators in this article, you will be picking a vibrator which is powerful, quiet, trendy and safe. Now let's take a look at the list:-

1. The Unrelenting G-Spot Vibrator This vibrator costs around $ 70. Known as the KEY Ceres G massager, this vibrator truly is an amazing and extremely powerful luxury vibrator. It comes with 7 unbelievable settings which guarantee the best g-spot orgasms you have ever experienced, so it's called one of the best vibrators for women for a reason; visit website for more.

2. Fantasy Vibrator This vibrator is priced at $ 158 which is a little on the higher side. But don't be disappointed by its small size. It is quite wide and can easily surround your sensitive areas and help stimulate your clitoris and g-spot at the same time with ease.

3. Wild Orchid Rabbit Vibrator This vibrator costs $ 85 and can envelope your clitoris with its soft vibrations and suction. It also comes with a shaft rotation and g-spot vibrator as well. This vibrator really is a powerhouse of pleasure.

4. Vela Vibrator This vibrator costs $ 90 and is quite large when compared with other vibrators in the market. It is draped with luxurious silicone and is extremely quiet and strong at the same time. This oscillating vibrator comes with 7 intense vibration patterns which are guaranteed to pleasure any woman.

5. Mini Jumping G-Spot Vibrator This vibrator is quite cheap at just $ 20. It is quite small as well but can vibrate at amazingly powerful speeds. This is a perfect vibrator for massaging your g-spot.

6. Plush Bullet Vibrator This vibrator costs $ 40 and is quite incredible indeed. It has soft silicone which is quite thick and can provide unrelenting vibration speeds. It has 5 unique patterns to enjoy all with the push of a button.

7. Lelo Siri Vibrator This vibrator costs around $ 70 and is truly a masterpiece. It is among the quietest and strongest vibrators in the world today. You could even say that it is the best vibrator in the market.

8. The Hello Touch- This vibrator costs $ 65 and can provide some unbelievable orgasms. This vibrator forms on your fingertips and this will help ensure it hits the correct spot each and every time. This is an excellent vibrator for couples as well.

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The New Lelo Ora Oral Sex Simulator

I have always been a fan of Lelo pleasure toys - ever since my first purchase of their Gigi vibrator several years ago, I was hooked. It's a brand that makes some of the best designer pleasure toys in the world, and they largely have a focus on making high quality premium end toys for women.

What's great about Lelo is that they are constantly evolving and regularly releasing new and exciting toys onto the market. Their latest release is the Ora oral sex simulator - which has been made to mimic the sensation and feelings of receiving oral sex from a partner.

Surprisingly it works really well, in fact, it does a pretty good job at providing the sensation of the real thing. Obviously it will never really be as good as the real thing, but for its intended purpose I highly rate it. You can see the Ora in action in the official Lelo video below.